Sunday, July 31, 2011


Bill Maher, you inspire me.  I loved your show tonight.  So many ideas debated intelligently.  If it weren't for you, my interest in politics would be so limited.

I hate to commit myself to a particular party.  All seem to have merit.  Is that a cowards' way out of politics?  

Bill, you make a good case for leaning toward a more socialistic view of government.  My parents lived under Socialism and haven't spoken against it.  I lived in Europe over 17 yrs. and so I'm NOT adverse to it, either.  Especially, as I am older, and especially because have seen and reaped the benefits of socialism, I could call myself a fan.  Also, especially because I lived in Europe for so long, I do not hold the prejudice that most Americans have.  No system is perfect, but I know one thing for sure:  we can't go on being polarized between Tea Baggers, Republicans, and Democrats and hope to solve our nation's problems.

Unless people are highly moral, Republicanism (like any other political system) will not work well.  Let's deal with reality.  We need programs for those who are unable to support themselves:  the needy, the poor, the disabled,  the mentally ill, etc.  I see nothing workable in the Republican system that provides very much security for those who are not able to work or function in society!  There are already too many people living in the streets and struggling.  I don't want to be one of them!

Republicanism always seemed to me to be a party that was incredibly judgmental;  their attitude oozes, "I can do it, why can't you?"  However, where is the empathy? 

The money spent by  the Democratic system seems to help our country survive this crisis (at least so far).   I am but one recipient, one beneficiary of this system.  I am a college graduate with a master's degree, but due to illness I cannot work. When I listen to Republicans, they make my skin crawl. It is all about the strong surviving and greed winning over the so-called more self-sacrificing democrats?  (Or do they both, ultimately, have the same agenda:  to squeeze the poor?)

That sounds like pure Darwinism!  I am disabled, yet unable to apply for disability.  I have always been very self-sufficient until recently.  I hate being a strain on my family, because they are also struggling economically.  However, I'm already envisioning being destitute and homeless in my old age.  Can you possibly imagine how that feels?

I admit I'm politically challenged and I'm struggling to make sense of the political system.  Yet, what I'm hearing lately makes me think all major parties spawn corruption--though there seem to be good aspects as well.  But no one system seems to answer all the needs of the people. (Right now, Ron Paul is starting to look good to me!)

Teabaggers seem so damned self-righteous, unattached, and unaware of the desperate state of our nation.  They seem so dogmatic and swayed by their political and religious fanaticism.   I  see them talking on TV, and I feel impulses to slap them into reality!  Maybe I am just angry because of my fears.

However, I cannot overlook lowering taxes that ultimately seem to benefit the rich, not the poor--the banks, instead of the people.  Obama seems to be trying his best to be politically diplomatic in this crucial situation.  Maybe he should hold stronger in his beliefs...  But then there is another election looming in the horizon.  I do not envy him.  He must be weighing his options for the future.  It makes me wonder what his goals really are.  Did someone promise him a more powerful position if he doesn't win the election?  Is he part of the oft-spoken-of conspiracy to bring this country down?  To set it up for the New World Order?  That is the way our country seems to be headed.

But who knows what ultimate goals are behind all this bi-partisan political machination?  I admit, my trust is sorely limited.  I'm sure there is much I don't know and much the powers-that-be keep from the people.

I just know, that, in an imperfect world, unless we encourage our system to be more charitable, the middle class, and the lower classes will be lost and desperate to do anything to make a living, even to the point of ending up being "slaves" to the system (as many already are!).  Or end up dead in the streets.  I am becoming jaded enough to think that is what they want!

The strong must take care of the disabled, the weak, the old and infirm.  We claim to be a religious, mostly Christian nation.  Let us practice our beliefs.

I think it is doubtful that either the Democrats or Republicans will create programs to accomplish what is needed.

Rich people are so often greedy and not in touch with the suffering of the poor--how can we depend on them?!  We seem to need a counterweight to the suffering of the middle class and the poor.  It is not ethical to put the weight of the needs and desires of society on those who can least afford it.  We do not want to be slaves to the rich!  But that seems to be where we are headed.

And what the heck is so wrong with socialism?  It seems, the level of happiness and prosperity and satisfaction with the governments in the Scandinavian countries may be a beacon for us.  Europe seems to be withstanding and even prospering under this type of government.  Why not the US?  What is the phobia about socialism?  (I think it is just is promulgated by the U.S. propaganda machine!)  Countries have been Socialist for generations and have not gone over to the Communistic way of thinking!  And they have, not only survived, but are doing well, financially, and psychologically, for the most part, as I understand it.  At this point, they seem to be in a much better position than the U.S.! 

I agree that we must consider the variety of cultural challenges of the U.S.  What works one place doesn't necessarily work everywhere.  Yet, aren't we innovative enough to be flexible for the necessary improvements?   Aren't we a great enough country to make those adjustments?

I challenge YOU to present a more workable program that will reward the strong and productive and, at the same time, take care of the very young, the very old, and infirm!

I'm really interested in your opinion!  Please feel free to leave your comments....

(For me, Bill Maher is a testament to short, intelligent men being especially sexy, funny--a very important quality--and successful.  Or maybe I'm prejudiced because my partner has the same qualities!)


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