Friday, July 15, 2011


Is Bill Maher sometimes arrogant, crass, mean, unfunny, and politically and socially “incorrect”?  YES.  Nevertheless, I love his show.  Why?  Because he is one of the few TV moderators not afraid to stand up for what he thinks and believes; because he speaks the language of many of the people and yet is intelligent enough to hold his own with other intellects, politicians, news-makers, and supposedly “successful” people in the world; because he is a great antidote to the nauseating conservative “stars” out there, e.g. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (whose name reminds me of a very stinky cheese!)—and, at the same time, he’s mostly funny!  Hilarious, even!  

Does he have writers for his “shtick” at the beginning of his show; as with most talk shows—yes!  However, there are few people on television that can match his wit and knowledge.  (In addition, he proves the research that short men are funnier than tall men!)

I don’t agree with all his viewpoints but he is an excellent moderator, letting others express their views (as opposed to moderators like Nancy Grace who are TV fascists).  He touches on many different subjects of consequence and interest to the political public and even those who are not especially politically inclined (like me).  If he can get someone like ME interested, I say, “kudos”, Bill!

For people who will not “lower” themselves to watch his show because he uses swear words and sexual innuendo, YOU LOSE.  Maybe he makes you feel incompetent, because you find it difficult to keep up with his mostly intelligent, informed guests, and his quality conversation?

I don’t really belong to one party or another, though I shy away from Republicans, especially the Tea Party types, but like most people trained in therapy, tend toward the democratic ideal (which used to be the republican ideal at the beginning of this nation's creation).  I don’t take the whole cake, but pick and choose those policies, concepts, and politicians I like and with whom I agree.  That takes weighing and comparing issues.

The easy thing for most people would be to say, for example, “My religion usually votes Republican, and I believe in my religion, so I vote for Mitt Romney!”  I venture that, for the most part, these kinds of statements expose the ignorance and laziness, and/or lack of integrity of Republicans to seriously study what they are saying they believe when they make that all-encompassing statement:  I am a Republican!

Yes, I admit I’m not well schooled in politics, but I try, especially as I grow older and see how much politics is affecting my life directly!  It is not my among my top interests or areas of knowledge, but I see myself slowly forming ideas…

I guess I rely on the old instincts to help me decide as well.  Maybe that’s not good, because instincts can be defined as those beliefs and values which have been indoctrinated into you over time and, usually, from a young age.  However, how can we be sure (which raises the question, "What is instinct?")?  I know my stomach turns when I listen to Beck and Limbaugh!  They rattle my sense of logic, and I balk at their extremism.  (Did you see the show Beck did on Jewish people where he began to cry—I think it aired after the U.S. attacks on Libya?  Too much.)

If you think I’m way off base, perhaps this is a place to start exploring political ideas.  Scary, but I usually don’t back down from a challenge…

NEW RULE:  From now on, fearful fundamentalists and republicans need to open their minds just a crack, either to let the s__t out and/or to let new information seep in, even though it might make you want to puke at being slapped in the face with some hard reality! 

P.S. Yes, I feel in a fighting spirit tonight!  Are they going to raise the debt ceiling—of course, they will!!!  What other choices are they likely to make?!

P.P.S.  Bill had a guest on TV that was one of the researchers and authors of the book “The China Study” which is about how much better and healthier the vegan diet is for us!  I have the book and I read it, cover to cover.  Ahhhh, I feel like I've learned, but once again, feel trapped by my own dysfunction!  (I LOVE DAIRY!)



ladivamusika said...

Bill Maher is awesome! You should look into him and what happened after 9/11. I am a pretty firm democrat and most of my friends, even of the religious nature, are as well. Most people I know who vote republican or democrat are quite informed. In this day of age though it's hard to tell truth from fiction. Which is why I like to listen to BBC instead of American news sources, (especially fox!) But BBC is slanted as well.

I recommend The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as well. It's more comedy, but great political satire! Free on Hulu

Kindt said...

I have to admit that I have a very difficult time with politics because there are always so many good and bad arguments for and against every issue. I would agree that I tend to have to use my instincts more than I like. I've been attempting to be even more informed in hopes that it will help me be a little more firm on the issues. I like to call myself independent because of my lack of affiliation. My colleagues at work say I'm a bit of a devil's advocate because I tend to argue the side of the argument that is losing to even the playing field. I'm also of the opinion that the right answer now will not be the right answer tomorrow. So many variables!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your post ladivamusika! What did happen with regard to Maher and 9/11?

It sounds like you are in good company, if your friends are generally informed about politics. I sure am not. And I venture to guess that most other Americans are not either.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that it is difficult, if not impossible to find the truth on the issues. Did you ever try to read Rense on the web? It has some really kooky stuff, but then really hard-hitting news that the news powers-that-be don't want you to know.

Yeah, I like BBC, too, though they are also biased, but their news cuts out the crap of American news and newscaster "banter" etc. I also like to hear what is going on in Europe. I'm not sure about Fox. They seem so far right of right...

I've seen The Daily Show and The Colbert Report a few times and yes, hilarious, but yet informative!!!

Delightful post! I hope you stay with "us"!

Unknown said...

Kindt, what you have described is pretty much how I feel! It gets so confusing that I don't know which way to turn, where to commit.

Coincidentally, I too have described myself as independent, mostly because the main parties make me so disgusted.

Let your colleagues blather on. I find that too many people need their labels for themselves and other in order to cement their identities and make sense of the world, even at the risk of being soooo wrong!


PSACHNO said...

If you love Bill Maher, maybe you will appreciate his comments on this YouTube link:

I was quite impressed with his quick comebacks and wit. I admire his intelligence. He rubs, even me, the wrong way with the style of his approach, but this video is quite tame, compared to his other anti-religion comments.


When George Carlin left us, Bill Maher took his place as the Number One Comedian and Commentator in this country. He is there to remind us of the role of the Court Jester, to speak truth to the king and the people and to remind them that belief does not necessarily guarantee truth; and faith
does not necessarily guarantee reality.
My best.

PSACHNO said...

Count Sneaky, Your comment was eloquently expressed! Thanks. I agree completely!!

Theresa H Hall said...

I am a Bill Maher lover as well. You did forget this word Irreverent and when he is I just groan and shake my head. I have to watch his show because he is very savvy and indeed a smart man. thank goodness he has balls!

PSACHNO said...

Yes, good word--irreverent. Sometimes, I love it, sometimes I'm like you and groan.

So glad you enjoy his clever, intelligent wit.