Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been debating some of my BlogCatalog "friends" on the subject of Israel and racism.  I'm shocked at the reaction my comments inspired.  Intelligent, educated people (who need to be better informed ;0) attacked me verbally, calling me a "racist".

Me...a racist.  Wow.  Of course, these people do not know me personally.  Those who do, however, may call me many things but "racist" is not one of them.  Ridiculous.

So, while I've been "hibernating" in Greece, countries are beginning to make it illegal to criticize Israel.  Yeah.  I'm not kidding!

One even (I'm sure in his best superior attitude) said, "If you were in England, you would probably be subject to prosecution!"  And that's a GOOD thing?!

Now I'm reading about Canada's law along the same lines.  Aaaaahhhh!!!!!

People, they are trying to make this a law in the U.S.  THE U.S!  When this happens, you can be sure it is an evil harbinger for the future of FREE SPEECH in America.  (I know, "evil" is a loaded word, but I am so outraged right now that I can't think of a more accurate one.)

So, the people in those countries where it is illegal to say the truth, are ham-stringed.  You can criticize ANY other country--but NOT Israel!  (I wanna fill this page with exclamation marks!)

I also feel sorrow for the future of the United States, the Palestinians, and anywhere else freedom of speech does not exist.  We are becoming a fascist nation fast!

There are even specific words you can't say like "occupied territories" and "massacre."  There's a YouTube video on "S__T Canadian Students Can't Say" at

"But I'm not a racist!  I am anti-Zionist.  Those are 2 totally different concepts."  I have said it ad nauseum with many arguments to back up my statements.

It doesn't matter, logic doesn't matter, critical thinking skills don't matter.  Denial is furiously at work in the minds of most Zionists.  Really, it's like a switch is turned off in other people's minds when discussing race.  Nobody home.  Creepy.

The Powers That Be (TPTB) have decided that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism mean the SAME thing.  All over the web I read:  anti-Zionism is racism.  Huh?!  But if you say it enough times, write it enough times, write it into law, voila', they have the same meaning!


Zionists seem to be "well-conditioned" and purposely misled.  Your emotions have overcome your logic. For the sake of the world, put aside your fear and get your heads straight.  There really are people who are against the country of Israel, but have no ill feelings toward the inhabitants or believers of Zionism.

I don't hate Zionists; I hate their actions, their policies, their deceptions, their racism against the Arab, racism against everyone else who is NOT Jewish(!), their murders of women and children, their control over the lives of Palestinians (even over water!) purposely created to make life hell for Palestinians.

The hypocrisy of Israel is outrageous.  We don't hear enough about it on U.S. TV or in the news, but the WEB--ah, the web--

I will probably post many, many articles on the Israeli conflict in the future.  And I better do it fast, before it becomes illegal.



Yun Yi said...

sorry to see you feel so angry. i only went that thread once, the length of debate just stopped me to read anything. also knowing little about the subject simply prevent me from involving. i did not know you were accused as "racist". nowaday many people are just simple minded and black&white opinionated. i hope you don't get too serious about such discussion, as politics really is nonsense!

PSACHNO said...

Thank you for your compassion. It means a lot to me.

Yeah, that thread is daunting...I don't blame you for not reading it!

You are so right: politics is really nonsense--but it is also so dangerous.

I feel fine. And I'm glad I had this opportunity to discuss these things on BC. I learned a lot--about them as well as myself. ;0)

Yun Yi said...

i forgot to tell you that millions times i was "charged" "treason" in chinese forum by my fellow chinese people. as matter of fact, i was quite "famous" on "attack" chinese only because i criticize chinese ideology. they don't know that in real life, i am a person that respect each individuals probably much more than they do. and i still never stopped writing truthful about my opinion to chinese culture.

anyway, i share your anger and disappointment. i am glad you have learned something from "discussion".

Yun Yi said...

also, i too feel that so often people don't know the difference between debating ideas and personal attack. it is disappointing and frustrating!

but hey, very often (if not always), truth is in minority's hands!

PSACHNO said...

I was very impressed to find out about your struggles in China. That sounds awful!

(See, you ARE a survivor...)

"truth is in minority's hands!" So true--and always has been, I think.

It is so difficult to conceive of people with post-graduate degrees not being able to tell the difference between the two concepts!

I guess it just shows that the mind is a mysterious and powerful thing...

Thanks so much for your comments. They are just what I needed today.

Anonymous said...

This is an issue that I've had my eye on for a while now.

Anyone with a sound eye can see bits of prophecy being played out where no man would be able to challenge this system and live.

I call it the return of "old Babylon on acid".

People are stuck in the rut of greed, money and banks letting the banks/money rule them.

Instead of creating a bartering system that's solid, people in general are still stuck in the old ways, fighting each other for bits and pieces of bread, instead of genuinely wanting to help each other.

If I wanted a bag of oranges and you had a bag of potatoes, only hatred, prejudice and greed would get in the way of us evenly exchanging it so we could eat and live.

Many will die, they're too distracted with technology and vanity only a handful will survive this if those few start planning now.

Noah knew his neighbors God would kill them all but Noah heard from his God and via his God's instruction made plans to survive.

While the ignorant were busy making fun of him, laughing at him, thinking he was a madman, he finished building the ark, he stored his ark with the basic necessities.

When the floods came and killed them all, not one was heard laughing, yet he and his survived.

Now I'm not religious or attend a church but that doesn't mean I can't draw wisdom from text.

Let the world continue in their madness but plan on saving you and yours and even if that's no guarantee, "life is a hit or miss pattern" there are no guarantees, yet you put forth the effort.

It takes effort/will for sperm to reach the egg :-)