Saturday, October 15, 2011


AWFULIZING:  is the belief that it is unbearable when things do not go as you want them to.

Anything which takes effort is awful.  If something is awful you have the right to not bear it and to act out in any way that you want.  If ‘A’ happens, then ‘B’ will happen; then C.......the world will end.

            Example:  It is awful that my husband forgot my birthday.  I can’t stand the pain of it I need to feel loved.  Therefore it is okay for me to have an affair... or drink...or spend $600.00 at Nordstrom's.

            Payoff:  You do not have to deal with anything that you label as awful.  You do not have to be uncomfortable.

            Consequence:   You never learn to solve problems or to tolerate discomfort.  You are dependent on other people and/or actions to make you feel alright.  You rarely complete a task since the work involved is too awful to undertake.  People avoid you because you complain so much.

AWFULIZING is also the tendency to think of the worst case scenario and focus on that possibility, leading to unnecessary worry and stress.  How many of you have NOT ever "awfulized" in your life?

This TE is also called "CATASTROPHIZING".  Another example:  "If this happens, then that will happen, then will be horrible--I can't stand it!  Give me a drink!!"

People with Histrionic Personality Disorder often do much catastrophizing!  (Or they are Italian, Greek, or Jewish...  ;0)

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