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Do you know that Monsanto Company sells genetically modified seeds (GMO's) to farmers?  Yes, and farmers are required to sign a contract saying that they will not gather seeds at the end of harvest (so Monsanto can make more money).

There are many studies that show GMO's cause all kinds of birth defects, cancer and other diseases.  Monsanto is a large and rich corporation, so fighting them is difficult.  In addition, they seem to be collaborating with the USDA  (US Dept. of Agriculture), another arm of "the corporation" (the US).

I just saw another program on this horrible company on LINK TV.  Have you ever seen LINK?  It is only available on Dish Network and DIRECT TV.  LINK is wonderful because ALL its money comes from viewers--not from corporations.  It is totally NOT corporation driven.  Therefore, it is the most free source of news information that I know about!

They just showed a program on GMO's detailing memos, interviews, and studies on how destructive and power hungry Monsanto is.  Monsanto wants, ultimately, to control all seeds and food production!  Does that worry you?  I am horrified.

Did you know that, even if you buy organic food, because there is no law requiring food to be labeled genetically modified, you may be eating GMO foods!  And spending a lot of money for them!  Do you see anything wrong with that?

It makes my skin crawl.  Monsanto is an aberration of capitalism and prime example of political corruption.  They would not even appear on the program to give their side of the story, which was telling, but smart.  How could they ever rationalize to the public the damage they are doing?  The evidence is too strong against them!

If you garden, don't use Monsanto seeds.  Use heirloom seeds--they are the best--the most original seeds that have the most variety.  Variety equals health.  There are companies that sell heirloom seeds that can be stored for decades in the right temperatures.  And not too expensive.  And there are actually natural ways to fight off insect infestations.  We do NOT need DDT.

One company is called "Living Off the Grid".  They put out a newsletter with information and resources on how to wean yourself OFF of the power grid--that means, to become independent from oil, gas, electricity, food, everything that makes us dependent on the modern world!

It takes work and planning and some money, yes, but the way things are going, at the risk of sounding like an extremist, I urge all who can to start at least thinking about becoming more independent.  It is the only way to survive without becoming slaves to the corporations, to the government (which has become just another corporation--don't believe it?  Just ask me for references!).

The program showed how in Paraguay and Brazil there are grassroots movements to educate farmers about the dangers of GMO's and Monsanto.  They even showed how one family depends on their sons to sell their cornmeal in town.  These boys have to pass by fields of soybeans that are GMO.  The sons have started developing skin abnormalities.  Very scary.

But that is so far away...does it affect us?  Most of the soybeans are sold to the US.  (You might want to think twice about buying soymilk...)  Damn, first meat, then it's dairy and rBGH; now even soymilk?!?  Is nothing sacred?!

Meat is dangerous; dairy is too; now other crops life-reserving crops are as well.  What can we do?  It seems to me that the only relatively safe way is to go back to 19th century living and grow your own organic food.  (Fun.)  Really.  Who has the land and time to do that?

You can join cooperatives.  That's one alternative.  Cultivate (good word, eh?) good relationships with farmers so you can buy from them and know what you are eating.  Or grow some and barter your crops for others you need.

In this Instamatic, give-it-to-me-now culture, these steps are very difficult to take.  It requires a major change in life style.  But what are our options?  Eat really dangerous "junk" and suffer, dying young?

Ooooh, I get so mad when I think about the disgusting and unethical things corporations are doing to the people and to the land.  The gap between the rich and poor keeps increasing.  Believe me, many, if not most of the leaders in politics and CEO's are sick people.  I mean seriously mentally ill.  They show so many signs are being narcissistic and/or sociopathic.  That means, by definition, they lack empathy!  Very dysfunctional and especially dangerous for the "little people".  Be sure, they do NOT care about us.  They care about money!  And power.

What can WE do?  We can only become a threatening force to them if we unite.  Only as a mass
population refusing to ingest the poison they are forcing on us, can we hope to make a difference.  We must, once again, learn to resist!  Hit them where they hurt and boycott them!!

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