Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A good friend of mine recently sent me an article on the Debt Ceiling.  I was wowed.
"The debt ceiling crisis can be averted by enforcing the Fourteenth Amendment, which mandates the government to pay its debts already incurred, including pensions. That means Social Security, which IS an "entitlement," in the original sense of the word. We're entitled to it because we've paid for it with taxes."
For information on this subject, read Ellen Brown's articles on what is going on with the Fed and the gov't. (For more info search: THE DEBT CEILING IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL BI-PARTISAN "RUSSIAN ROULETTE 7"  AMERICA'S FEDERAL DEBT BY ELLEN BROWN, AUGUST 1, 2011.)
If we just went along with our constitution, there would be no question about debating what to do in our situation.  That is my not-so-brilliant political statement for the day.  It sounded pretty good to me, but only IF our politicians enforce the law under the constitution!
Why do we need the Federal Reserve Bank?  Who owns it?  What is their purpose?  Do they have ultimate goals in mind for the USA--or even for the world?
If you follow the money, you follow the powers-that-be.  That seems clear to me, even as a novice in discovering political intrigue.
The Fed is an integral part in American politics.  However, did you know that the Federal Govn't really has NOTHING to do with this bank--no control over it?  It doesn't own it or operate it.  It collaborates with it.  THE FED IS A PRIVATELY OWNED BANK.  DOESN'T THAT CONCERN YOU???
So what are the Fed's goals and agendas?  Ever think about it?  Strange, isn't it, for a country such as ours?  Can YOU explain it away?
As you read the site, Board of the Governors of the Federal Bank, can you smell the hidden agendas?  The information they are not unveiling?
Money is power and the banks, for the most part, have the money!  Check this out before you vote.  You might help to save America from losing its Constitutional rights.

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