Thursday, August 18, 2011


There have been too many sightings of UFO's to deny them.  We have to ask, where did they come from and why are they here?  One Indian TV network showed a program on these sightings--so many had witnessed them--they felt they needed to show them.  Unfortunately, the corporate entities pulled it off the air.

With the internet, we can see evidence that extraterrestrials are trying to communicate with the earth.  And thousands of people attest to personal experiences of being abducted.  Do you really think they are all crazy?

Peter Levenda, also known as "Simon", seems to be an expert on the occult behind politics, including contemporary occult, but also the occult behind Hitler.  

Anyone who has followed the History Channels will be acquainted with Hitler's fascination with the occult, spurred on  by his henchman, Hermann Goering.  Hitler was a member of the "Thule Society".  (Look it up.  This isn't just speculation.)  

He believed in Astrology and had a very accurate reading by a famous astrologer who he later murdered.  (Bad move for Hitler, because the astrologer had warned him if the astrologer was ever put in danger, Hitler would not fulfill his dreams.)

Anyway, Peter Levenda is trying to bring to attention to what he believes is a secret space program and that the U.S. has access to secret technology, and claims that we are working with aliens in  the U.S. government space program.  (Ever wonder why the U.S. discontinued the Challenger series?)

Peter also explains that there are connections between the space program and people from the occult, working with scientists from Nazi Germany.  (Yes, is it still going on after all these intervening years!  Amazing, no?  I mean, if it is true?!)

Peter states that these events are being seen contemporaneously by the world as the UFO phenomena.  Richard M. Doland, author and historian, backs up this information.  He wrote a book called, "UFOs and the National Security state."

Fascinating.  I've always wondered whether the "powers that be" are aware of UFO events.  There are just too many reports of UFO activity to relegate it to fantasy or extremism in UFO beliefs anymore.  

I believe the government knows something--just what, I'm not sure.  But why are "they" keeping these secrets from us?!  And the whole world?  

Are "they" trying to take our attention away from their other unethical machinations they have planned for the USA--and for the world?  You know, trying to distract us?

If so, you can bet on the motivation having something to do with power.  It usually does.  I think this situation is very disturbing and destroys our trust in the government's involvement in and knowledge about UFOs.

What does this have to do with psychology, philosophy, religion, literature, art, etc.?  Everything!  If this is true, it might change almost every perspective we have about humankind.  

Am I an alarmist?  I try not to be, but the evidence seems overwhelming.  I don't want to be known as some kind of extremist or conspiracy theorist (I've always prided myself on being rational), however the facts seem to speak for themselves! 

After so many sightings, it seems illogical to throw out the possibility of UFO's interacting with the earth--and humans!

UTAH 2011
In addition to concerns about religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, the coming apocalypse, the almost inevitable failure of the dollar and resulting inflation, and trying to survive through it all, do we need to consider that we are under surveillance of other worlds?  Or even, in some respect more dastardly, secret surveillance of our own world?
What do you religious people make of these phenomena?  
What does anyone think is happening in the skies above our earth?  
And about the many abductions?  

Do you think God is preparing us for his return?  

Is it a means by which to expand our mind, our experience, so that we can better accept the being we will call "God?"

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