Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Do not be a victim  
To self-pity.
Self-pity is at once
The beginning and the end
Of life's uselessness.

I've mentioned several times the concept of faulty thinking, or thinking errors.  So, I will start posting some of them from time to time.

Do you have thinking errors (TE's)?  YES.  We ALL do!  However, people who are having mental health issues, continual trouble with the law, at work, and in relationships probably use more TE's and more often.

Anyone can benefit from learning about TE's.  It provides one kind of map to understanding ourselves and others.  It also provides insight and tools when dealing with life's challenges.

Ready?  Here we go...

 Is a position you take when you are held responsible for your actions.  You believe that you are not responsible for your actions and that you are the victim.  Anything that goes wrong in your life is someone else’s fault.


You fail a test because you decided you didn’t need to study for it. 
You blame the teacher for making the test too hard.


You do not learn from your mistakes.  You alienate others because you blame them for your problems.  You are always looking for someone to fix things for you and it never happens.


Britt said...

I love the art on this post!! It's gorgeous. Who is the artist?

PSACHNO said...

Thanks...a like it too! But unfortunately I have no idea who the artist is...just found it on the net.