Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"Corporations Are the Funniest People" by Reg Henry ( http://www.daylife.com/topic/Mitt_Romney)

...spits out the truth about hypocritical politicians who are business men.  "Corporations are people...Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people."  That is what Mitt Romney is saying.

Who believes this?  It is undeniable:  the money DOES go to the people--but as far as we can see, it goes to the people in charge of the corporations!  Henry explains that when corporations profits rise, the people's share goes down.  After all, it definitely seems the CEOs' salaries and bonuses are paramount; the people come second.  Henry calls the corporate higher-ups "plastic" people after describing them in their ivory towers in the "beehive" with all the buzzing "bees" around them.

I think that is a beautifully apropos statement, especially for Mitt, who is a Mormon.  Why?  The Mormon State is called the "Beehive" state.  From personal experience, appearance of industriousness is all important--and Mitt excels at that.

Mitt claims that he is a staunch member of the Mormon Church.  However, in the Mormon Church, God comes FIRST, then family, then country, etc.  Would Mitt make a good president?  Would you want a president who puts God before country?  Sounds OK to "believers" however, there is a paradox or, rather plainly put, a conflict here.  Especially for voters who do not believe in the Mormon God or its principles.

It is ironic that we, "the people", seem to want presidents and presidential candidates to believe in God and go to church.  But why?  The scriptures say that true believers must put God first!  But what each candidate believes is unique and putting God first has its various meanings and priorities.

So, when Presidents take the oath of office, it often conflicts with God's priorities simply because it puts the laws of the land 2nd to God.  They may be lying from the very beginning of their office; from their candidacy and beyond.  In addition, if you don't happen to believe in the same God as the candidates, it can be worrying.  Where do the candidates' integrity and priorities lie?   Where do Mitt's lie?  (Love that double entendre?)

As voting citizens, we are partly to blame.  We want a Christian in the White house, but don't really realize what that means.  True Christians, like many other religions, put God first--that means, over laws, over people, over everything.  If they don't make that priority, and tell you they are Christians, they are hypocrites!

If you love Mitt Romney and respect his religion, then ask yourself, "Will he do what is in the best interest of the country?  Or in the best interest of the Mormon Church--to which he donates an exorbitant amount of money?"  Or in the best interest of his corporations?  The Bible says, you cannot have two masters:  God and Mammon.  Our culture would have us believe otherwise.

If he is not as devoted to the country, as he claims, then he is lacking in integrity.  Yet, aren't we to blame for wanting it both ways?  Ask yourselves, what does come first for you as USA citizens--our country's laws or God's laws?  (They are not one and the same--sorry to disillusion some of you people.)  

And how is that decided?  To put one person, one party in charge of that distinction is a slippery slope, folks.  Well, I can only say, "Thank God (?) for the checks and balances we have in the constitution."  (And the constitution must remain strong and viable in today's politics as ever!)

Ask yourself, what are Mitt's real goals?  His real hopes for this country?  What has he promised us?  Beware of the good-looking, well-behaved, family-oriented (so he says) man who "loves his country".  He certainly is a smooth talking, convincing man who can show warmth and endear trust (despite his poor sense of humor that demonstrates his lack of empathy with those people with financial struggles).  Maybe he is genuine...maybe he is not.  What is his ultimate agenda?  You can only come close to knowing his agenda by knowing his religious beliefs, if you can believe his certitude about Mormonism.

Let's hear your views, folks.  I'm wishing, I'm wanting, I'm waiting...


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