Saturday, August 13, 2011


To those who say, God will take care of the abused women of this world (or of you?), and leave it at that, I say:  You are copping-out!  God also commanded (not recommended) that we treat our neighbors as ourselves and gave many admonitions to fight “evil.”  (Yes, one of many contradictions from the Bible—but this is one I choose.)

Yes, things are better for women compared to the past, but, whoa women!!!  We have SO much further to go to be treated equally, with respect and love by our families, our religions, our laws, our men, our world.

Why does “society” need so much power over us?  What compels others to misuse and abuse power?  From a psychological standpoint, even sexual crimes are all about POWER—not sex.  People want power; many are driven by it

If someone misuses power, I believe they are trying to compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and low self-regard (if they have any feelings at all!).  The more external power they want or feel they need, the more pathetically weak they are inside.  Despite all our great Universal Moralities, we continue to raise children in ways that contribute to them becoming monsters, mentally sick.  Religions seem to be failing us.  Or we are failing religion?!

Women need more power!  Power in it self is not bad—it is something to strive for; better said:  to become EMPOWERED.  The first step toward self-empowerment is finding ways to survive and take care of ourselves and our families.  This requires education, some money, and some outside help.  Then we need to keep families intact. We need to teach parents basic principles on how to raise their children so they don’t develop mental illnesses, so they feel loved, so they grow up emotionally "clean" and whole.

So easy to say; so hard to do.  Cultures and belief systems don’t change overnight.  But we’ve got to keep trying, at least in the small sphere of our own world.  How else can we keep despair at bay?

There are charities that cater especially to helping women.  Women for Women International, I think, is one of the best.  It is not expensive and gives you personal contact with the woman you are helping, if you wish.  I first saw the director of this charity on Oprah.  (Bravo, again, Oprah. I’m not a huge fan--all gaga over her--but I respect the good she has done in helping women empower themselves and being a positive role-model.)

Take action, people.  Even tiny steps will help you feel less hopeless and helpless in combating these evils.  Only action will empower; only action will de-stress our righteous indignation over this issue.  Talk to people, join a charity, help your friends find help, and, especially, do NOT tolerate abuse of any kind yourself!  I know, I know, again, easy to say—but it IS doable.  Many women’s successes in overcoming abuse are testament to the power of therapy and other means of practical help through social work and their communities.  

If you are abused, it is NOT your fault!  If you are abused, you are NOT a bad person because of it. If you are abused, there is no shame for you.

Do you feel better or worse?  I hope you feel better.  That’s what I started out to do, even though my road took a few turns.  I feel better, just having written down my thoughts about the desperate situation women are facing today.  It was a tiny step, but I DID take action. ;0)


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